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Ankio, the ethical search engine

To give visibility to projects, professional activities and trustworthy people on Internet and the new media.

Parla di Me

We are people?

TALK ABOUT ME: contribute to a trust network

Do you know professional, artisans, companies, activities, events or projects of high value? By signalling them, Ankio will give them the visibility they deserve.

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Cerca e trova i migliori

For companies

GET FOUND: a trust network for your growth

Join Ankio’s search engine, to give visibility to your company and your professional skills optimising communication with new media.

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I’m on Ankio too

Current events overview

Ankio communicates and gives visibility to cultural, sports and educational events, it helps and informs people on work, environment and health issues.

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Come with us

For Companies

why you should be interested in Ankio

Visibility and Seo

To fly high in the main search engines’ rankings

Client Management and email campaigns

To optimise the relationship with clients

Internet showcases

To create and restructure functional websites

Creativity and ideas

To better answer the everyday needs of your business

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